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Navras is a unique concept found in Indian art and literature. It is based on the idea that every experience and emotion are composed of nine distinct elements. These nine elements, known as Navras, are a combination of emotions, physical expressions, and concepts. The elements are shringar (beauty or love), hasya (laughter), bhayanak (fear), bibhatsa (disgust), karun (sorrow or compassion), viram (courage or energy), adbhut (wonder or amazement), shanta (contentment), and veer (heroism or bravery). Navras is used as a tool to evoke multiple emotions within a single work of art or literature.

With the inspiration of the great and iconic artist, Marcel Marceau, known for his mastery in mime, I attempted to make an amalgamation of both the brilliance of Marcel Marceau and Indian literature and beliefs.

These nine emotions serve as living proof. If we were stationary, lacking feelings of any kind, we would be just like machines for assistance, or so to say, bots, isn’t it?

Marcel Marceau

Concept, Ideation, Stylist, HMU Artist and Photographer : Pratima
Shot on DSLR (Canon 80D)
Software used: Adobe Photoshop
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