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(n.) beautiful thinking



Eunoia is an Ancient Greek term that signifies a sound mind and beautiful thinking.  Lately, with increasing performance pressure many people end up overthinking about how their future might look like. It is a chronic, pervasive issue that is affecting the population in some form, and can significantly interfere with daily functioning and quality of life. Therefore, designing an effective and simple support system for them will be a mindful step towards helping those in need. 

Eunoia is an initiative to encourage people to cope better with stress, and lead a healthier life. Inspired from the concept of fortune cookies, it is developed to help people to identify, challenge and reframe their unproductive thoughts and beliefs, and to focus on the positive.


Eunoia consists of three distinct jars, each of which holds little scrolls with meaningful writings in it that varies depending on which jar it is placed in.

  1. The "Jar of Enlightenment" is the name given to the first jar. This jar contains scrolls with questions that will encourage the person to think better, and to express themselves extensively in their journal. For instance, the scrolls in this jar will have questions like "What/who was the ray of hope that motivated you during difficult times?"

  2. The second jar is called the ‘Jar of Affirmation'. Even when confiding with someone, people tend to preserve their thoughts to themselves; the consolation and assurance absent from their lives are found in this jar. It consists of scrolls that embrace and reassure them. For instance, the scrolls in this jar will have affirmations like "It seemed tough, but you did your best. You're doing great and that is enough!"

  3. The third jar, known as the "Jar in Need," comes with scrolls that are capable of helping someone soothe down in multiple ways when they most require it.  The scrolls in this jar will have ideal techniques to calm someone down, for example, "Don't worry! Take it easy and engage in something to divert your attention from your unsettling thoughts."

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone who wants to cope with overthinking.

  • VISION: To create a more peaceful and balanced mind 

  • MISSION: To provide people with cognitive restructuring as well as examining their thoughts and beliefs.

  • AIM: To help ease people's state of mind.


The goal was to make the logo as straightforward and minimalistic as possible. There are further initiatives to create an intricate lotus, which in Buddhism symbolises peace.  


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Labels for each jar.


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